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Vocabulary Checklist for Unit coordination and response

coordination and response

Nervous system Brain,spinal cord,nerves Central nervous system Cerebrum Cerebellum Pituitary glands Hypothalamus Medulla Spinal cord Stimuli Receptors Effectors Nerve impulses Sensory neurons Motor neurons Relay neurons Reflex action Sclera Choroid Ciliary body Lens Aqueous chamber Vitreous chamber Conjunctiva Cornea Retina…

Vocabulary Checklist for Unit Development of Organisms and continuity of life

continuity of life

Cell division Mitosis Meiosis Offspring Identical offspring Gametes Parent cells Daughter cells Zygote Reduction division Diploid Haploid Sexual Reproduction Asexual Reproduction  Sepal, petals, stamens, carpels, anthers. Filament, stigma, style, ovary, ovule Pollens, pollen grains Dicotyledonous flower Pollination Self-Pollination Cross-Pollination Insect-Pollinated…

Vocabulary Checklist for Unit Inheritance


Variation Continuous variation Discontinuous variation DNA Chromosomes Genes Allele Monohybrid inheritance Complete Dominance Incomplete Dominance Codominance Recessive Dominant Phenotype Genotype Homozygous Heterozygous Test cross F1 and F2 generations Hybrid Progeny Mutation Sickle cell anaemia  Down’s syndrome Autosomes Somatic cells Natural…